"Inspire, Empower, & Share Community Through Media"

Hingham Community Access Media, also known as HCAM, is the Hingham community’s media hub; connecting and empowering those who live, work, and study in Hingham through the provision of media services, dynamic programming content, and media/production training.


Scratch your creative itch and learn some of the technical background of media production as well as an introduction to the world of social media. HCAM has training and internships available in the following areas: Videography & Field Production; Studio/Control Room Production; Interview Techniques; Intro to Facebook and Twitter; Guerrilla Videography; WordPress and Youtube; Video Editing with Final Cut X; Computer software training including PowerPoint and Adobe Photoshop. HCAM members can also enjoy unlimited access to thousands of training videos and tutorials at Lynda.com.


HCAM members are everywhere around town from the HCAM studio to the shores of Hingham Harbor. They’re always busy capturing and sharing the great things that make Hingham such a great place to live , work and play. We invite you to become an HCAM member today if you are not already,  so that you too can start creating. Visit the HCAM membership page for more information on how you can get involved. As an HCAM member, you will have access to a studio, trained staff, and HCAM’s equipment is also at your disposal.

Watch and Share

HCAM-TV can be viewed on three channels on Comcast or Verizon within Hingham. HCAM operates Public, Eduction & Government channels. You can also find us on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. We encourage you to check us out and learn more about how HCAM can help you. Become involved with us; create something that excites and inspires you, and then share it!