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The next HCAM PSA Day is scheduled for:  [Date TBD]

PSA’s or “public service announcements” are a great way to quickly introduce your organization, opportunity, event or initiative to the community. PSA’s are usually brief and aired on HCAM-TV between programming.  The HCAM staff will also put these PSA’s online so they are available to be embedded right into your existing website or social media platforms.  This provides a great opportunity to provide a quick introduction or call to action to the community or your viewers.

Planning & filming a PSA can be accomplished with three easy steps.

  1. Develop a script (see script suggestions below) and submit it to the HCAM staff via our info@HinghamMedia.org email address.  All scripts must be received a least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled production time.
  2. Find existing multimedia and share it with the HCAM staff via our info@HinghamMedia.org email address.  (We suggest using HighTail for large files.)
  3. Select a time slot to come in and film your PSA. by clicking our registration link below.  The filming should take about 30 minutes.

Script suggestions

Each PSA will run for 30 seconds. Depending on your pace of speaking, this covers about 2-3 sentences  We suggest including the following:

  • Your name and how you represent your organization.
  • A brief sentence describing your organization and/or any current programs/initiatives you are involved in.
  • How viewers can learn more about your organization.

Scripts and other resources should be emailed to info@HinghamMedia.org no later than 24 hours prior to your scheduled production time.

Please note: All PSAs must adhere to HCAM Policies and Procedures. Under no circumstances can any programming produced at HCAM-TV be used for commercial or for-profit purposes.

Click the link below to reserve a PSA slot!