Create a Program

So you’ve got an idea…  Great! 

We’ve got the training, equipment, and some able bodies to help you bring your idea to life. 

Produce a program: (single episode or series)
Whether you’re interested in a non fictional content or fictional, documentary or commentary, we want to provide you a blank canvas and the needed tools and training to create compelling television on any topic you might desire.  Public Access is a place for people to create their own programming and share their ideas and viewpoints with their community through media.  We offer the equipment, training, and facilities to make ideas into reality.  We hope you will consider coming into HCAM and share your content with the Hingham community.

Event coverage:
If you’re looking for coverage of an upcoming event we’ve got an entire page detailing the options available to you.  While we may not be able to get to every event, we’ve come up with several creative ways to help showcase the wonderful things happening in our community.  See the event coverage page for more information.

Contact us today and let us show you why we say “At HCAM you can!”