HCAM Internships

HCAM-TV is now accepting applications for interns who want to play a key role in assisting a dynamic community media center in accomplishing its mission to inspire, empower, and share community through media. Our internship program offers a well-rounded experience for currently enrolled students who have been previously acquainted with television. This internship aims to continue building on the intern’s skills and to help them gain real world experience in the television production field. Previous television experience is required.

Our program offers students:

  • A chance to learn and use the latest editing software including Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects, and Photoshop.
  • The ability to learn in a hands-on, low pressure environment.
  • An opportunity to provide a valuable service to the Hingham Community.
  • The chance to become your own producer and share you interests with those in Hingham.
  • A platform to build a resume, demo reel and/or job application material

Additional information and  HCAM Internship resources are on the top right of this page.

To Get Started:

Please complete the following steps to become an HCAM Intern:

  1. Obtain an academic advisor for your internship. This can be a faculty member at your institution.
  2. Apply to the HCAM internship program by:
    1. Filling out the HCAM Internship Application Form with your information and your advisor’s information.
    2. Submitting it to HCAM by emailing internships@hinghammedia.org.
  3. Keep track of your internship hours in a written journal, Excel spreadsheet, or Google Doc. HCAM Staff will check these periodically.
  4. Check in with HCAM Staff regularly to create programming, get involved in a production, participate in training, and make sure you are on-track for your projects and hours.

Please note that internships run on a semesterly basis and may vary school-to-school. Please see your school’s career services department for more information.


Here is what some of HCAM’s past interns had to say about their experience:

“As an intern I learned how to operate video production equipment and video editing software to compose segments for the town of Hingham. The experience assisted me in being part of a production team that highlighted the events that happened in the community.” – Stephen Akins (Bridgewater State University)

“HCAM has been wonderful in welcoming me into their crew and providing an amazing atmosphere to help me develop my skills. You will meet many great people here and always have lasting memorable experiences.” – Michael Hong (Curry College)