HCAM Membership

Filmstrip(MIA)If you’re looking to show your support of get involved there are several ways:

  1. Become an HCAM Supporter – Show that you like community media in Hingham
  2. Become an HCAM Trainee – Learn the skills to become a production assistant or producer.
  3. Become an HCAM Production Assistant – Volunteer on community productions and assist HCAM staff & producers.
  4. Become an HCAM Producer – Create your own programming for HCAM-TV.

There are a lot of opportunities available at HCAM and in our community.  Whether you’ve got an idea or just a creative itch it’s HCAM’s mission to inspire, empower, & share community through media.  That means providing HCAM members with the tools and training to get it done. In the end it’s HCAM members who bring community events and programming to the town of Hingham and they are the ones who ultimately decide the direction of our organization in the future.

HCAM membership benefits include:

  • Unlimited access to the HCAM studio and editing facilities
  • Unlimited access to HCAM portable/field equipment
  • Unlimited access to HCAM membership events
  • Membership to the “HCAM Crew Call Database”
  • A vote in HCAM elections, and a chance to have a stake in the future of HCAM

HCAM Membership is FREE!!!

Please also consider making a donation along with your membership and enjoy the added benefits of HCAM Premium Membership.

What current members are saying about HCAM-TV:

“Working with HCAM has been a real learning experience for me.  My job as a makeup artist usually happens behind a camera, but I’ve had the opportunity to work in front of the camera and I’ve become very comfortable with that.  The HCAM staff has shown me how important local cable programming is and by producing rich content, I think HCAM far surpasses anyone’s expectation for what local programming is and how it can positively affect our community.” – Liz Fuller (The Lipstick Lounge).

“As a photographer, I have always been curious about media broadcasting.  After taking the studio tour, I was amazed at all of the technology that was available to me at an amazingly low cost.  HCAM is an unbelievable resource for anyone interested in any aspect of communications.  In the last year, I learned to produce and edit my own television show! The sky’s the limit at HCAM.” – Susan Hagstrom (Point and Shoot).

“Being a photographer I always wanted to learn video. I heard about HCAM via a flyer on my Hingham Light billing envelope. In my one year at HCAM. I not only learned about video and video cameras, but I also am learning how to edit my video’s. I am at a point now where I am producing my own HCAM show ‘Cooking with Love.’ I have learned a lot since I joined HCAM.” – Fred Hixon (Cooking With Love)

“Working at HCAM has been such a great experience for me! It is the perfect combination of learning in a hands on environment while knowing there is a team of helpful and encouraging professionals behind me to help me along the way and answer any questions I may have. There are so many ways to get involved and you will never find yourself bored. If you are looking for an internship or a membership experience where you will learn everything you could want (and more) about media production, then HCAM is the perfect spot for you!” – Jenny Sowyrda